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Theatre UAF. Mon, Dec. 14, 1998
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Fundamentals of Acting THR 121

Final Exam

I. Theory

1. What is "motivation" (according to Method Acting)?

2. Why do we often call Method Acting -- psychological realism?

3. What is "master gesture"?

4. What is the role of improvisation during rehearsals?

5. Situation and circumstances: what is the difference between them?

6. What is "Actor's Text"?

7. What does comedy acting ask for?

8. What is "Forth Wall"?

9. How does Stanislavsky describe "Emotional Memory"?

10. When and where was Dada-style originated?

II. Monologue

MASHA: Oh, Olya, you are silly. I love him -- so that's my fate. It means that that's my lot.... And he loves me.... It's all dreadful. Yes? Is it wrong? (Takes Irina by the hand and draws her to herself.) Oh, my darling.... How are we going to live our lives, what will become of us?... When one reads a novel it all seems stale and easy to understand, but when you are in love yourself you see that no one knows anything and we all have to settle things for ourselves.... My darling, my sister.... I have confessed it to you, now I'll hold my tongue.... I'll be like Gogol's madman... silence... silence....
(The Three Sisters, Anton Chekhov. Act III)

1. Identify the climax of this monologue.

2. What is Masha's inner conflict?

3. What is "subtext" in this monologue?

4. How different is Masha's emotional state in the beginning and the end of the monologue?

5. How many "addresses" could actress have in this monologue?

III. Scene Studies

Select any scene from "Fish in A Tree" and give your dramatic analysis.

1. Composition
2. Conflict
3. Idea/Message
4. Climax
5. Objectives and Obstacles (select one character)

IV. Shows

1. Compare the (3) shows of the Fall Season:
How different was the acting challenge in each of them?

2. All three are comedies: what was the difference in their styles?

3. How much did you use website for this class? What are your recommedations for improving it?

4. Would you recommend to make students in Fundamental of Acting to participate in season's productions?

5. What play would you recommend for the UAF next season?

Thanks. Anatoly Antohin

WWWilde, Acting I Showcase