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THR121 Fundamentals of Acting Fall 2004
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1. Acting Areas: What are "9 Squares"?

2. What are "5Ws" in Character Analysis?

3. Who is Stanislavsky and is his contribution to acting theory?

4. What are the three segments of dramatic composition in your monologue?

5. Name 6 priciples by Aristotle (Poetics)?

6. Describe your character's objective and absticle in one of your monologues:

7. What do we call "Biomechanics"?

8. What is "Actor's Text"?

9. What is "subtext"?

10. Define Relaxation and Concentration in acting.

11. "There is really no such thing as soliloquy, for example, you can't talk to yourself; you talk to the people next to you intensely, and when you're exhausted them you burst into passionate discourse with the audience and worry them silly with the state of mind you're in." Ian Judge

How do you understand this statement?

12. What is your opinion of the textbook?