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"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible." - Jonathan Swift
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Fall 2004:

The eye of a focused actor attracts the spectator... a blank-eyed actor lets the attention of the spectator wander. Stanislavsky
If in THR121 Fundamentals of Acting, must subscribe to WWWilde eGroup!
Use The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde Online) for class monologues and scenes!
"Method Acting for Directors" or/and Biomechanics ebooks.
Three Levels:
THR121 Fundamentals of Acting
THR221 Intermediate Acting: Biomechanics
THR321 Advanced: Method
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GeoAlaska: Theatre & Film

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Spring 2002: Dangerous Liaisons, Spring 2003: Don Juan
KEY TERMS: Glossary *
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We do not offer Advanced Acting II and Advanced Directing (replaced with the senior thesis); contact your advisor.
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Acting V: Partners

Lesson 17:
Lesson 18:
Lesson 19:
Lesson 20:
If you want to be able to express the maximum variety of things, then the more technical mastery you can achive, the more fun you're going to have. Geraldine Page
I talk about your primary partners: text, public, director -- time to talk about your partners on stage: other actors!

Do read "The Importance of Being Earnest" in class (cold reading), they smile, they laugh. We do it on our feet, and -- one more time... No laughter, no smiles anymore? How come?
Well, because they, your classmates, know the text by Wilde by now -- and you are not contributing YOUR actor's text (role, performance), which has to be NEW every time you do it! Reread IMPROV pages!

The last part of the semester: in addition to the scenes (finals), you have to do "auditions" (monologue again), another theory test and resubmit your updated resumes (form).

Your own (written) monologue -- together with scenes? (not sure)

The Wedding

On stage, open for the public.
What are the class projects for Acting One and Acting Two (Spring 2004) -- the finals? Since I teach THR470 Film directing class -- should I shoot a film with acting students, using film-directors?
Method Acting (THR321) -- 2004-2005
You did your scenes by now, we are about to do the finals (one-act)... Am I mad to talk about your actor(s)-partner(s) last?

well, all the above must be between you and your partner on stage:

Actor1 -- text, director, public, etc. -- Actor2

All of it must be processed before you re-act to your partner(s)! (The Golden Triangle Perinciple)

The "short cut" (actor to actor) -- it's not "theatre" anymore (you can do in life, not on stage). (I do "ball exercise" in class, when after each line something is thrown to the public and the next line could be said only after the spectator throws it back to the swecond actor).

You must leave room for the audience to ACT! the drama takes place in them, not on stage!

Good acting is when THEY act!

Make them work! They paid for it!

Make them wait for next line, next, action, reaction...


From Stanislasvsky and Meyerhold to the "Poor Theatre" by Grotowski: communial spiritual act. Film, TV and Electronic Age -- what is ACTOR in 21 century? Even more -- for the 3rd millennium!

Simposia, Discussion, Feedback

Dionysos: The Wedding by Anton Chekhov? For the finals?

Apollo: Comedy?

Meyerhold: I love it!

Stanislavsky: But Method is a must!

2008 - acting2
Lesson #
60 or 90 min
1. review (previous class)

2. overview

3. new key terms & definitions (see dictionary)

4. monologues & scenes

5. issues & topics

6. questions, discussion, analysis

7. in class work

8. feedback

9. improv & games

10. reading

11. homework

12. online, journals

13. quiz

200x -- Aesthetics

Class Project (after the midterm)

2004 *



floor plan
playsChekhov, Ibsen, Shakespeare - Acting resources, career guides, and casting information.


I try to limit the main links (banners) to Biomechanics, Method, Directing, Script Analysis pages. Sometimes I have the links to Film pages (acting for the camera?)... [ What is my next step for cyber-actors? ] * Come back for 2004 updates!


Keep up your journals; I will collect them again at the end of the semester. Your character analysis must be there, including the analysis of the Importance of Being Earnest, the play, and the YOUR character (super-objective, through-lines, main themes and etc.)


Do what I do, print out the pages of this directory and keep them in your master-file for this class. Make notes.
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