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Without knowing yourself, you have to future in acting. I have to come back to this page, because I am introducing film acting in all my classes. What possibly can you do without making use of your looks, physique, your features, which you must make work...

Limitations? Shortcomings? Make use of them!

Look, the text you rehearse is your "givens" -- costume, prop, directions... Your face, body, voice -- your "situation" as well. Accept it as a material and start working on it. Write in your journals -- what you have and what you don't. Left and right. Long list on the right? Good, there are many things you do not need, kid. Trust me, what you don't have, will let you focus on what you got. And this is what you have to do -- concentrate on "yours" and stay away from everything what is not "yours"!

You is your business. Literaly. Jack Nicholson is a billion dollar business (this is why he is paid over 20 mil. for a movie). You better start treating yourself as BUSINESS. What is "you as product"?


[ see for casting principles. ]

Also, Auditions in THR Theory directory.

Rework your resume (a new draft by the end of the semester). See samples in Students Directory

[ The original page is lost, see Theatre Theory pages. I recommend to read The Book of Spectator; I don't think that I wrote about our initial perception of anybody -- not an individual, but type, first. We build everything on commn, clishes, steriotypes! In movies this practice is even more brutal. ]

.... I will come back to this page later.

Sample (1st draft):

Joseph A. Alloway; Actors Resume

Male, 5'11'', 148 lbs, Tenor 2, Darkbrown Hair.

Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Fairbanks Alaska, Director Greg Gustafson, April 2000, Lathrop Drama.

Jose Vegas in Fame, Fairbanks Alaska, Director Jackie Yates, March 2003, FLOT.

Bob Cratchet in A Christmas Carol, Fairbanks Alaska, Director Stephanie Spellman, December 2001, FDA.

Graduate of Lathrop High School in May of 2003.

Current Studies include Acting, Singing, Ballet, and Japanese language and culture.

My Specialty in making people smile.

[ first draft in THR121 class ]

[ in class: your favorite animal, color, fruit, whatever -- they do not know themselves, they need soem help in self-identification -- too young. ]

Simposia, Discussion, Feedback

Dionysos: Think of acrhetypes!

Apollo: Think of myth and heroes!

Meyerhold: Types only!

Stanislavsky: Each actor is unique!



Actors must understand the mind of director, they should take directing classes; this is why all my webpages are for ACTORS! They are in the middle, they are the last before the spectacle becomes the exprience of the audience. They didn't have enough of attention from the theatre theory. They are the lost children of theatre.

See your showcase directory: wwwilde!

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